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New Multiplayer Briscola lobby now live! No downloads needed!

This Classic Mediterranean game is now available.

Briscola is a fast, fun game. The instructions are simple to learn and the game is quick and fun to play.

The game starts with one card laid face up on the table which represents the trump suit and then each player is dealt 3 cards. A player is chosen at random to start and lays a card followed by the other player. The best card in each trick (hand) then wins and if any of the cards are “scoring” cards the points are awarded accordingly. The point scoring cards are Aces (11), 3s (10), Kings (4), Queens (3), Jacks (2). To win a hand a player must either play a higher value card of the same suit or they can play a Trump card (Briscola card). The trump (Briscola) suit is determined by the card placed face up on the right of the table at the beginning of the game.

After each hand a new card is dealt to each player, with the player that won the previous hand receiving the card first until all 40 cards in the deck have been used or until the first player reaches 61 points.

Please note that players can check their own progress in a game by clicking on their own name in the Lobby. All players start with 1500 points and the more cash games you win the higher your ranking will climb. All players can play with other players but if you improve significantly you may find that our weaker "bot" players, RookieBot and AmateurBot, will stop accepting your challenges. ProBot is happy to play all players. For your guidance we rank people according to their rating as follows. Please note that we do not allow players to see other players' ratings.

Rookie: < 1600 points

Amateur: 1600-1749 points

Pro: > 1750 points